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8. Simon Peter’s Dark Dark Day

Simon Peter is horrified at Pontius Pilate’s final judgement, but is swept along by the crowd to the Hill of The Skull


7. The Beginning of The End of The Fisherman’s Friend

Simon Peter has denied his Lord – just as Jesus foretold he would. He has no one to follow and he is all alone. He can no longer rely on the man who used to be his Lord, and he is beginning to discover he cannot even rely on himself. Peter is on the run from everyone, and no one more than himself.


6. Rock of Rages and The Unholy Kiss

In a surprise greater than any miracle, Simon hears a word spoken that – even in his wildest nightmares – he never expected to hear: the terrifying tetragrammaton!


5. Sleeping Simon and The Great Red Dragon

Simon Peter is determined to show Jesus he is still the best disciple but meets his match in a Great Red Dragon!


4. Primal Peter and The Judgement Cup

Simon Peter has been traveling with Jesus for three and a half years. It has been an incredible journey. This evening, they are celebrating the Passover festival in Jerusalem, and as they eat, drink and fellowship together, Peter wonders how much longer it will last.


3. The Secret to the Christian Life

An invitation to join me on the eternal adventure of a lifetime, walking together along the one and only path to the heavenly city.

Take heart, weary traveller, and dare to hope again

The heavenly city may be closer than you think!


2. The Fulfilment Fruit

The continuing adventures of the Great and Ancient Tree


1. The Promise Blossom

“Just once, in a time and a place before space time, there was a great secret at the heart of God himself.”